Training Programs

Programs Support Children and Adolescents

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Programs Support Activists in Community Work

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Programs Support Emerging Orgnazations

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Programs that Support Children and adolescents

Interactive Theater program

Communities that interact with each other away from violence, using the interactive theater tool

Active citizenship program

Active citizens who are able to reflect the richness of their communities and launch small projec

Leadership in Community Development

Community leaders, ambassadors of positive change in their communities

Facilitating / Training skills Program

One of the most modern and advanced skills in the world of training and leadership

Psycho-social Support

Supporting all members of society, understanding and coping with traumas and emergency intervention mechanisms

Violent Behavior Study

aimed at those interested in understanding and dealing with violent behavior

Building Peace Bridges

emphasizes building capacity for conflict analysis and empowering community actors to continue dialogue

Nonviolence Communication

Aims to establish relationships based on honesty, empathy and needs

Values Journey Program

The program based on the methodology of spreading and deepening the concepts of citizenship

Advocacy Program

Provides an understanding of advocacy as a tool for social change by understanding the social context

Strategic Thinking Program

works as a "forward vision" to empower entrepreneurs and leaders of social and development projects

Programs that Support Children and adolescents

Aflatoun and Aflateen Program

An informal social and financial education for children and adolescents

Life Street Program

aims to achieve the goal by adding a new street component to provide children with skills and knowledge

Peace Players Program

provides basketball training for a group of adolescents through the adoption of a training curriculum

Peace Game Program

It an educational interactive game for adolescents based on activities that stimulate reality

Storytelling Program

The program was developed by a group of novelists, theater writers and a group of psychologists

Programs that Support Social Entrepreneurs

Participatory Planning Program

A team working on the basis of understanding problems and planning from the bottom up

Appreciative inquiry 5D

The basis of planning and implementing projects and initiatives

Initiatives Program

collecting information on the subject of initiatives and ensuring greater participation of the community in an initiative

Context Analysis

introduces several tools to motivate thinking of a new way of interventions

Proposal Writing

aims at empowering the emerging institutions and teams to formulate the ideas of the initiatives

Citizenship & social institutions

Aimed at developing and supporting the leaders of social institutions