Programs Support Children and Adolescents

Aflatoun and Aflateen Program,An informal social and financial education for children and adolescents

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Programs Support Activists in Community Work

Communities that interact with each other away from violence, using the interactive theater tool

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Programs Support Emerging Orgnazations

A team working on the basis of understanding problems and planning from the bottom up

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About Mobaderoon

About Us

Mobaderoon is a civil institution which works to provide civil society organizations in the Arab regions

Our Values

To improve the entrepreneurial values of the initiator, and to belong to the social environment and its institutions as citizens with rights and duties

Consulting Services

Designing Training Programs Evaluation, Monitoring and social research ,Follow-up of emerging community projects and initiatives

Our Partners

Meet Our Partners


In order for Mobaderoon to be able to achieve the desired impact 

Mobaderoon Follows the Three Steps:

  1. Work Strategy
  2. Outputs
  3. Values

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