Programs that Support Children and adolescents

Aflatoun and Aflateen Program (Child Social and Financial Education

" An informal social and financial education for children and adolescents" The program consists of a comprehensive approach that balances social education with financial education. It aims at consolidate these concepts, and ensure their impact on the future of the child, the nucleus of society. Children are encouraged to practice what they have learned through the participation of children led social and financial activities, such as social campaigns, saving schemes and the launching of small financial projects.

Life Street Program

Children who spend most of their time on the street have wider opportunities to be able to plan their lives and become agents of change for themselves and their communities. The project aims at achieving this goal by adding a new street component that will provide children with skills and knowledge, through the implementation of interactive activities in the public squares where children in the street gather. These activities will focus on the following topics: Life skills 2. Literacy 3. Self-protection 4. Community values These four topics are presented in interactive ways through puppet theater, storytelling and story teller, interactive songs, and interactive murals on the street.

Peace Players Program

The program provides basketball training for a group of adolescents through the adoption of a training curriculum combining the latest sports exercises and a set of societal values to enhance the player's value and athletic level. The program's team consists of a group of well-known local players and trainers and will work to disseminate and develop this training curriculum.

Peace Game Program

It an educational interactive game for adolescents based on activities that stimulate reality .The game let adolescents play an imaginary roles in countries and organizations working together to solve global problems in a way that stimulates the imagination of young people and works to understand local and global citizenship, mechanisms of mediation , negotiation and decision-making skills in addition to dealing with crises.

Storytelling Program

The program was developed by a group of novelists, theater writers and a group of psychologists. The program targets young people ages 12 to 18 and helps them acquire tools to express their feelings, learn their potential energies, talk about their problems and possible solutions and stimulate their imagination.