Theories of Violence from a Social Science Perspective

Theories of violence from a social science perspective

Read Time: 6 minutes Violence, have you ever wondered about the phenomenon of violence? Most likely, the most frequently asked questions were “Why?” and “How?” Violence is one of the most widespread phenomena in human societies, and it poses a real challenge to humanity, because even if it stops immediately, what it leaves behind contains a lot of cruelty […]

Brain and violence (Brain Physiology)

Brain and violence

Read Time: 4 minutes The concept of “violence” is one of the most important and complex concepts proposed because it extends deep into humanity. Unfortunately, it is present in all societies and classes without exception, in the smallest details and the smallest of situations. The World Health Organization, in its 2008 investigation of injuries and violence, indicated that the […]

10×10 for Dealing with Community Violence & Conflict

10×10 for Dealing with Community Violence & Conflict

Read Time: 4 minutes 10×10 for Dealing with Community Violence & Conflict The approach to dealing with violence differs with situations, contexts, and community culture; many methodologies focus on dealing with violent behavior. The health methodology focuses on interrupting violent behavior and stopping the contagion of violence while focusing on those infected with violence (victims – perpetrators – bystanders) […]