empathetic reception

Empathetic Reception or listening is the second aspect after self-expression.

Empathy is a sentimental understanding characterized by respecting what we or others are going through.

It differs from rational understanding which can be expressed with words such as fathom and appreciate, which usually tends to distort the presence.

Empathetic Reception has two main points to consider: presence and re-articulation.


Which requires focusing on 3 points:

  • Clearing presumptions: or as Jiddu Krishnamurti coins it: “Pure Observation”, to see the situation as it is as can be, and to remember that observation devoid of evaluation is the highest form of human intelligence. To be there for another, it is important to try to see the situation as it is, devoid of presumptions.
  • Focusing on the current message: Simon Will says that doing as such is a miracle of life, and focusing on the message of others in the time being helps receive them with love and humanitarianism.
  • Listening to feelings and needs: listening with your whole being is different from giving an ear out; When you channel your listening through your heart, eye, and ear to receive the other. Our constant belief that we should fix things distorts our presence. It is important to try to listen to the current message of others in addition to their feelings and needs, while providing adequate time and space for them to express them.


It is good to rearticulate our sentences as questions, for voice comprises 38% of communication. It is important to ask others about their observations, feelings, needs, and requests without making it an interrogation. It is just a simple human question lacking the sense of information gathering; this helps distinguish human empathy and common mistakes we think that them to be, such as advice, teaching tone, story-telling, grilling, and information gathering.