About us


Mobaderoon is a civil institution which works to provide civil society organizations in the Arab region with a range of consulting and various training services which are adapted according to the required outputs, trained  with modern tools for all age groups and specialized fields of workers in the field of community development from various organizations and associations. Including the services we provide through our cadres and  expertise of our qualified teams.

Mobaderoon works within a clear vision  “Build trust and understanding to support and sustain peaceful coexistence” .

Mobaderoon believes in a set of values ​​that have resulted from the interaction of its members in the development and community work and their participation in community building process through the exchange of their experiences and resources, where these values have consistently contributed to enhancing the effectiveness of the institution.

Mobaderoon’s change theory

Our Theory of Change:

Mobadeeroon’s change theory highlights its work and community intervention methodology , its impact and desired outcomes in society. The theory also forms the basis of responsibility of continuous learning and development services which Mobadeeroon provides the community with.

Meet The Team

Abir Haj Ibrahim
Board Member

She is one of the co-founders of Mobaderoon Network ( a network of 4000 Social activists ) with 6 years experiences in development sector working closely with international NGOs Read More.

Ghada Rifai

She is an Architect from Syria who also holds a diploma in Project Management and Urban Planning. She is a co-founder of Mobaderoon network, an active citizen network Read More.

Trainers & Advisors

Saghatel Basil

I am Saghatel, I was born in Croatia to an Armenian father who speaks little Armenian and & a Syrian Orthodox mother. I lived, studied & shifted residences alternatively between Read More.

Mona Hassouna

A social activist from Lebanon, holding the Lebanese social identities, believes and advocate for human rights in all my activism. Working in community and youth development sectors since 2003 Read More.

Richard Melville Smith

Richard Melville Smith is a peace and human security strategist from South Africa. With over twenty-five years of experience his approach to process design and facilitation, mediation, dialogue  Read More.

Fatima Swartz

Fatima was born in South Africa, and has spent much of her time living and working in a variety of interracial and cross-cultural environments. Working in the field of conflict Read More.

Atalla Kuttab

Dr. Atallah Kuttab is currently the Chairman and Founder of SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory in the Arab Region based in Jordan. Atallah holds a Ph.D. from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London. He spent 3 years Read More.

Ebba Augustin

Ebba Augustin, a Political and Social Scientist, is CEO of the Amman based SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory in the Arab region. Her engagement in the Middle East started in the late 80s with her PhD research in the region. For eight years she managed Read More.

Mobaderoon Structure