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Saghatel Basil


I am Saghatel, I was born in Croatia to an Armenian father who speaks little Armenian and a Syrian Orthodox mother. I lived, studied & shifted residences alternatively between Aleppo, Beirut & Yerevan; which made me an avid explorer of cultures a curious researcher about the causes of cultures’ development & its struggles.
The above mentioned diversities contributed to my decision to study Political Science, the diploma of which I obtained from the State University of Yerevan, Armenia.
Life too had it’s own agenda for me, it took away my sight which made me savvy life in a different perspective. All these paved the way towards deeper understanding of life, the nature of the Human being & the causes of the struggles amongst them. In result, I have resolved to specialize & work in the domain of Human Growth & Advancement , precisely the domain of Interactive Training, Cultural meetings, and building bridges.
I have worked with Mobaderoon, the British Council, the Syrian trust for development, and many other organizations.
In 2005, Aleppo, I founded a center I called “The art river” that turned later on to a host for cultural exchange and building bridges between all its guests. It was a cafe, a library, a gallery, a theater .. That embarked dialogue in all its activities.
In 2003, I received “The active Citizen” in Armenia, granted to me by the prime minister, and thus took part of several conferences and meetings.

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