Programs Support Emerging Orgnazations

Participatory Planning Program

"A team working on the basis of understanding problems and planning from the bottom up" Benefits of participating in this program: Prepare the logical framework for any development project or small projects. Participatory management and planning mechanisms and thus have a holistic view of development as a core process stemming from society itself through its ability to identify its problems and define the context it wants to adopt, to solve these problems. Develop participants' facilitation skills to manage and facilitate planning sessions. All-in-one planning tools that draw input from all teams and make them feel that each team member is part of the process.

Appreciative inquiry 5D Project cycle

“The basis of planning and implementing projects and initiatives” This program has been developed depending on the needs of individuals and teams to motivate them to start social initiatives and innovative projects. Then, it moves forward to enable individuals to plan their initiatives and projects successfully by introducing them to a set of tools and concepts that approved its efficiency in many sectors especially the community one, like: the concepts of Social Inquiry, Resource based management and the stages of 4D cycle: Discovery- Dream- Design (Planning)- Delivery - Re-Discovery and evaluating the impact.

Initiatives Program

This program is based on the basic elements of collecting information on the subject of initiatives and ensuring greater participation of the community in an initiative, from the stage of planning and using the information in the project proposal. The program also enables the participant in this general framework of communication and building messages that direct to the initiative team, beneficiaries and supporters. By empowering applicants with initiatives and groups that deliver their initiatives to create an understanding of the financial and administrative system in line with donor requirements and foster confidence in the initiative in the community.

Context Analysis

The program introduces several tools to motivate thinking of a new way of interventions based on a general understanding of the community and its components through the context and understanding of the links and relationships of both the influence and impact within them within the context. The tool journey moves from the general understanding of the society and influential people to the private understanding of the intervention of community groups and attention to the role of stakeholders involved in intervention from the general community to understand the intervention accurately based on the general context .The program presents tools for analysis of relations and tools to understand the impact of the development team within this context. It is also important to present tools that help us to understand the needs of the community and choose priorities for intervention based on the resources owned by the teams and the impact that results on the overall context in society by the development teams or to find new interventions of greater benefit and more accurately studied to find a central impact in the community. The tools also help to understand the role of partners and the consideration of the intervention by the teams as a part of all interventions for the rest of the teams and they help to return to the need of real societies away from the assumptions of the imaginary and thus interventions have a greater impact in addition to enhancing the role of individuals cohesion and social impact.

Proposal Writing

The proposal writing program aims at empowering the emerging institutions and teams to formulate the ideas of the initiatives and projects they wish to carry out according to their theories of change and according to the tools they possess, so that they are active individuals and entities that are updated to understand their reality, context and analysis, then write proposals in a professional manner to present them to donors to gain needed funding to launch their projects.

Citizenship and social institutions

Believing in our vision of building trust and understanding to support and sustain peaceful coexistence and our confidence that the sustainability of trust and coexistence is directly linked to social institutions, this program has been developed based on active citizenship. Aimed at developing and supporting the leaders of social institutions. It is an innovative program that can have a significant impact on the way in which institutions and social projects around the world are supported. Social institutions are institutions that use the workforce to bring about social, cultural and environmental change. This program was adopted by the Child and Youth International in 2017.