A complete process that uses analysis and thinking to build strategic perceptions that lead to achieving the mission and goals of any organization/institution within a changing context and environments, a multi-angle thinking that takes into account the past, present and future to generate options that help make strategic decisions that help reach the organization’s goal. It is a pattern of thinking that helps move from implementation and reactions to planning. It is constructive

Strategic Thinking

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Workshop Outcomes

What will the participant achieve by attending a facilitation training course?

A comprehensive survey of the surrounding work environment, and what we see today by empowering participants with strategic thinking tools – Strategic thinking, and what can happen in the future by understanding the systematic evolution of planning and work mechanisms that help institutionalize – Strategic decision making, and where the institution will go in the future by a clear understanding of the factors that affect us – Strategic decision making, and where the institution will

Selection criteria for attending the workshop

Educational and working background - basic requirements for attending the workshop

This program is aimed at groups, institutions, and associations that work on a project or group that seeks to establish their work or launches an initiative where this training helps to develop a strategic plan for their work in shared ways.

Quotations about the workshop from previous participants

One of the participants in the training held in Tartous expressed his admiration for the training. He said: “Yes, all that I learned in the workshop we need in our team and our project and I will work to transfer it to them.” Another participant in the training held in Damascus said, “This workshop will help us organize the team’s capabilities without wasting resources.”

Workshop Methodology Learning Trip

Owners of initiatives and developmental and societal projects have strategic thinking tools and employ them to ensure that their work is systematically sustained to support institutionalization and maximize impact

Workshop Duration

Number of hours, Distribution of coffee/lunch break

4 days From 9 am to 5:30 pm It includes two breaks, coffee and lunch break

Obtaining a certificate of attendance

Requirements after the workshop need to be met by the participant for obtaining a certificate of attendance (If any) The participant should attend 80% of the workshop, providing the workshop administrators with the full name in both languages
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