The facilitation skills program at Mobaderoon is based on the core competencies identified by the International Association of Facilitators which has been adapted to the mechanisms of work and concepts to suit the Syrian society through several years of work in the facilitation with different groups and communities .

Facilitation Skills beginner

Fees Applied

Workshop Outcomes

What will the participant achieve by attending a facilitation training course?

Knowledge of the concept of facilitation. – The difference between training and facilitation.  – Basic understanding of some basic tools.  – Clear understanding about the nature of participants in workshops in general. – The opportunity to practice a number of facilitation sessions during the days of the workshop

Selection criteria for attending the workshop

Educational and working background - basic requirements for attending the workshop

Leadership skills, dialogue management and communication -Ability to play an unbiased role to help groups to be more effective -Individuals with influence in their communities or institutions

Quotations about the workshop from previous participants

Participants in one of the previous workshops expressed their admiration for the space available for dialogue and discussion and the ability of trainers to answer all questions, support the material with realistic examples and create an effective dialogue environment during the workshop. (This response was monitored from the participants’ evaluation of a workshop, based on evaluation rather than a quote)

Workshop Methodology Learning Trip

Mobaderoon adopts the methodology of learning through practice and believes that the group of skills, behaviors, and knowledge needs life experience to be owned and internalized. Therefore, Mobaderoon presents the training workshop as a first step within the learning process that is designed to ensure access to the acquired experience and provide participants with the tools and skills necessary for the facilitation profession. At the end of the workshop participants will be familiar with the concept of facilitation and the difference between training and facilitation and they will have a basic understanding of some basic tools and the nature of participants and they will practice a number of facilitation sessions.

Workshop Duration

Number of hours, Distribution of coffee/lunch break

3 days From 9 am to 5:30 pm With two breaks coffee /lunch

Obtaining a certificate of attendance

Requirements after the workshop need to be met by the participant for obtaining a certificate of attendance (If any)

The participant should attend 80% of the three days of the workshop, providing the workshop administrators with the full name in both languages

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