We believe that each individual is able to influence and change in their community when they have the right skills and opportunities to understand the issues of their community. The life cycle of the initiative based on appreciative inquiry is part of a broad approach to addressing community issues, a way of thinking depends on starting from strengths points, building on successes, investing resources and challenging the traditional way of solving problems.

Building Community Initiatives

Fees Applied

Workshop Outcomes

What will the participant achieve by attending a facilitation training course?

Community leaders understand their community issues and launch initiatives towards them. Effective social initiatives based on the needs of society studied and organized, reflecting the values of active citizenship. Community teams stimulate positive change in their communities. Initiatives that meet the needs of communities.

Selection criteria for attending the workshop

Educational and working background - basic requirements for attending the workshop

Both voluntary and youth teams and active individuals in society. Beneficiaries of capacity building programs who wish to launch initiatives in their communities. Organizations and institutions seeking to stimulate beneficiary initiatives for their programs.

Workshop Methodology Learning Trip

During the past six years of working with different segments of society, there was a need for training programs that provide youth and active individuals in their communities with the knowledge, skills, and tools to design and implement initiatives that create a positive change in their communities by: Expand people’s understanding of their community issues. Explore personal and local resources and employ them in a positive impact. Identify and guide the most important change for individuals in their communities. Technical skills, tools, finance, and management in planning and marketing active community initiatives

Workshop Duration

Number of hours, Distribution of coffee/lunch break

4 days From 9 am to 5:00 pm It includes two breaks, coffee and lunch break
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