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Ghada Rifai

Board Member

She is an Architect from Syria who also holds a diploma in Project Management and Urban Planning. She is a co-founder of  Mobaderoon network, an active citizen network of over 4000 participants. Mobaderoon works in the development sector and delivers several training programs such as active citizen, leadership in community development, building bridges and peace building programs.
She has been working in urban development since 2001. She participated in the Rehabilitation Project of the Old City of Aleppo where she was head of the planning section.
She had a vital role in activating Aleppo’s Urban Observatory while she led its Directorate within Aleppo City Council. She also established the “Aleppo a Child Friendly City“initiative as part of the development strategy of Aleppo (Madinatouna).
She also worked as program manager with Syria Trust for Development (citizenship for children and rural development), where her ability to work with a multitude of different social groups and encourage them to work together and participate in community development was vital to achieving successful outcomes.
She is a firm believer in the importance of cooperation between NGOs and private and public sectors. She has volunteered with and helped establish several local NGOs since 1997 and succeed in initiating cooperation projects between the Aleppo City Council and local NGOs and in leading an urban development intervention project between two areas.
Her work was one of the first to introduce the concept of NGO led urban development in Syria.
Recently she was awarded the Livia Foundation Award in recognition for her extensive work to promote peace at time of conflict.

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