What drives a person to wake up in the morning to attend a football match for his favorite team?
What drives people to gather to create clubs?
What drives people to travel across countries to hear one piece of music?
What is the thing that motivates a doctor or an engineer to apply for the most important international grants, but in terms of peacebuilding or building societies?
It’s called passion. It’s the drive, the motif, the force that pushes us to do all the work we do.
Passion: It is the first encouragement to adhere to principles, and places that are interested in principles have a large space for expressing passion. As community leaders, it is very necessary to discover and express our passion and encourage others to know their passion, catch it and launch from it towards any community work or any intervention they will do.

-Identity and diversity: When the passion pours into identity and diversity: I must be able to encourage others to be able to develop their identities and discover the uniqueness of other identities, able to encourage societies to invest in the richness and diversity that exists in the identities of societies and to build new interventions, to advocate and defend societal issues, and I, as an individual, can develop my identity in my journey towards the future.
-Creative Leadership: If I, as a community leader, was passionate, enthusiastic, and interested in building new community leaders who lead positive change, the passion in this aspect would push me to look and notice the energies that exist in societies, the energies that exist as we interact with others, and put tools on them and enable them to ask the powerful questions they take to build interventions and reach the positive change that you aspire to, all of this stems from a passion for empowering individuals.
Community: When we think about the community that I belong to now, which is a group of people who share a location, a history, or even a passion, what are the strengths or pride points within this community, what are the points that I will face or challenge within the community, my passion for my society will push me to acknowledge all the aspects in it, and it makes me take responsibility for the power of influence that I, as a community leader, affect within certain communities and at the same time I have a great responsibility towards this force.

This passion turned into leadership:

-As a community leader, my passion drives me to work on children’s issues. My duty is to think about children’s issues, but I shouldn’t lose sight of the importance of the role of generations in reaching the change goal that I aspire to in working with children, I must understand the other systems, It is also necessary to know who are the partners that are working with the rest of the other generations, and understanding partners through experience and working together to reach the impact we aspire to with the confidence we work with, and we as community leaders while working with issues or with generations, it is important to think about how the environment will be created which allows the development and educating the generations, regardless of the age group they belong to, and how to encourage dialogues that can lead to positive changes we aspire to within our societies.

-As for my passion for men and women’s issues (gender issues): the passion in this field motivates us to move to know the society’s assumptions of men and women and to see the leadership roles that men and women play in our societies, acknowledge and appreciate them to be able to search for equitable opportunities for men and women and shed light on them during my interactions with others, whether in my work or in my community.

-If I am a community leader, my passion is in building and developing individuals, I will make sure and always remember that the importance of (ego) in self-building and development, I must always positively investigate the strengths within me and note the opportunities around me, because as a community leader I must know and make sure that My behavior affects others and the more I build and develop myself, the more I automatically develop other individuals, and thus we all develop our society.
As community leaders, we work for positive change. It is very necessary to discover our passion and encourage others to discover their passion and launch from it for any work they will do. It’s also necessary to remember that passion is the pillars on which the foundations of any community work we will do to reach the positive change that we aspire to.