Women’s Role in Society


Many questions come to mind:

Firstly: have we tried to assess the amount of work women perform along side their parenting role in the family?

God forbid, should a woman get sick or travel, who will be responsible to do all the house chores (cleaning, ironing of clothes, washing, cooking).

Now, let’s imagine that this lady’s family bring in someone to perform her duties, what cost will these services have? These same services that a mother can do in the same day.

This question has its own answer embedded: these housewives, house ladies, or whatever they call themselves, for they do nothing else other than their house chores; they do perform paid work, whether they actually get paid or not; a right that must be acknowledged.

Secondly: have we tried to calculate the number of hours a housewife spends doing these chores?

Should we observe her, many an hour passes while a housewife performs house chores.

Thirdly: women in rural areas do many tasks while claiming to be a just a housewife, neglecting work in the field, including shepherding of herds and manufacturing of dairy products, all of which are sold whilst not considering her performance of the aforementioned tasks as work.

Last: many women chose to work after men went out for wars, wars that saw them either disappear or immigrate. These women now work in non-licensed work spaces, and are not permitted to work in organized licensed ones; so, why not?

These questions asked herein are supposed to reinstate what women do even if they are just housewives or doing non-formal work in labor markets, so we can march in a step or two towards gender equality.