Gender Analysis & Gaps

What is meant by “Gender” & “Gender & Development”?

Development falls within a category of many definitions, but definitely, there is more to it than just economic growth, for development includes broadening horizons for humanity, whether they be male or female.

Certainly, development should be ascendant, and inclusive for all: humanity, the environment, and the riches we own.

What is the link between gender and development?

Herein we seek a perspective of development such as broadening the horizons and providing opportunities; and it is clear that women have less of these than men.

We can see that the contribution of women in development is still limited. Hence, a new approach exists for merging gender in the process of development, i.e. the development of both men and women, finding opportunities for both, and delighting in the process, the act of participation, and the results of this development.

It is often stated that meeting a set of basic needs of humanity is what we seek of development.

Should gender be involved with needs, these needs can be divided into:

  • Practical needs
  • Strategic ones

The difference between practical & strategic needs:

For instance, having electricity at home has lessened the amount of work for women; providing use of refrigerators and washing machines, TVs as sources of information; all in all, leading to less working hours.

Meeting the needs of electricity changed not gender roles, for parental burdens still fell to women, the needs for them did not grow any less.

Should we work on meeting these strategic needs, we should meet the needs that change the balance or gender power.

For example, education has provided many an opportunity for women to enter the labor market, as well as access to decision making lobbies; hence, changing strategic needs.

Nevertheless, gender needs, both instantons or strategic, should be met, whether for men or women. Meeting instantons ones cause not that much of a ripple, whilst meeting the latter can drive much change.