Introduction – What is Violence

What is Violence?

A series of videos about understanding violence.

This initiative comes from the fact that having more knowledge about a harmful occurrence will lessen either its frequency or impact.

It is good to mention that we shall not delve much on definitions and categorizations of violence, for we will focus on the scientific approaches of mitigating violence, especially the health curriculum one, which is my area of expertise.

I hope these videos help you understand violence, and formulate questions about violence in your environment overall, and especially in this time of COVID19.

The purpose of these videos is education.

Firstly, we will have an overall perspective of violence.

Second, we will talk about the physiology of the brain and violence, and how violence affects the structure of our brain.

Third, we will talk about methodologies of violence, especially the health curriculum.

Fourth, on behaviors (changing behaviors) and the mechanisms by which we engage in these behaviors.

Fifth, we will talk about a basic set of behaviors where there is a group of people that work to change behaviors and are distinguished by them.

Sixth, we will talk about violence in the time of COVID19, globally, in Syria in particular, afterwards.