consulting services

Management program team-financial

for each candidate or applicant, a training card shows the mechanism of exchange and bills

Social assesment, follow up and researche

A team consisting of members in six Syrian regions, from community practitioners have access to affordable medicines

Designing programs and training guides

we have a national training team of 22 trained trainers contributed to the training of more than 1500 participant

Legal advice

Providing legal advice and support to the teams and initiatives related establishing

Follow-up of emerging commuinity projects

An advisory team to lunch small initiatives and project society needs

Designing Programs and Training guide

We have a national training team of 32 trained trainers who have contributed in training more than 1500 participants and more than 9,000 children according to 2014 statistics, and in the training of 1,700 participants and more than 11,000 children and young people according to statistics of 2013.

Contribute to the following:

  • Train the latest interactive programs and design them to suit the needs of the target group.
  • Facilitate dialogue sessions and manage their outcomes.
  • Contribute to support the development of training manuals

Social assessment, follow up an research

A team of members & community practitioners, built their experiences in implementing and motivating social projects, developed their knowledge of the life cycle of the projects, attended extensive trainings in evaluation and follow-up, participatory work methodology and learning.
The team tested the various participatory evaluation tools, believed in the importance of a participatory methodology for evaluation and qualitative social research and, during a two-year learning journey, built concepts and procedures to provide the following services within Mobaderoon and partner institutions.
Contribute to the following:
Provide training for emerging social initiatives, projects and institutions in participatory assessment and follow-up.
Provision of participatory research and learning tools from design, facilitation and analysis (focus groups, semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, observation forms, learning measurement tools)
Provide participatory research services of qualitative design, facilitation and analysis. Providing the design service of evaluation system, follow-up and logical framework for social projects

Management team and program-mail

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Follow-up of emerging community and institution

Advisory team to launch initiatives and small projects according to the needs of society. Its services are the following :

  • Provide technical and advisory support to entrepreneurs and small enterprises
  • Follow up the performance of initiatives and projects and assess their performance financially and administratively.

Until today, we have supported more than 200 development projects in 7 Syrian governorates

Legal advice

Service field within Mobaderoon:
– Provide legal consulting and support to the teams and initiatives related to the establishment and operation of initiatives, licensing and necessary approvals.
Consultations and services in the field of workshops related to general and private legal information.
Consultations on the protection of materials, programs, training manuals, trade names and rights of the competent authorities.
Consultations to establish licensed entities from associations, institutions, companies and training centers for teams, initiatives and people.
Consulting in incubation contracts, understanding, cooperation, partnership and all requests and approvals provided for official and private bodies.
Legal consultations in all legal fields within the scope of local laws.