About Us

Mobaderoon is a civil institution which works to provide civil society organizations in the Arab region with a range of consulting and various training services which are adapted according to the required outputs, trained  with modern tools for all age groups and specialized fields of workers in the field of community development from various organizations and associations. Including the services we provide through our cadres and  expertise of our qualified teams.
Mobaderoon works within a clear vision  “Build trust and understanding to support and sustain peaceful coexistence” .
Mobaderoon believes in a set of values that have resulted from the interaction of its members in the development and community work and their participation in community building process through the exchange of their experiences and resources, where these values have consistently contributed to enhancing the effectiveness of the institution.

Our Values

Learning and shared achevment

respecting the freedoms of others is one of the most important success factors of Mobaderoon, by respecting the positive values ​​of our communities and public morality, far from any political orientation, religious or ethnic, thus contributing to the building of a safe common interaction platform based on trust and common understanding of their identities, which everyone knows and interacts through their experiences, knowledge, learning and the joint achievement of local challenges, while ensuring ownership of their ideas and their interventions in communities and reverse the impact at a national level

Share resources and share knowledge

the sharing of resources and the exchange of knowledge among the members can provide community-based initiatives that help meet the needs of their local communities in more professional ways, building upon the impact of initiatives, each upon another which enhances the sustainability and builds positive awareness resulting from the practice and reflecting them on a national level

Enhance the value pattern

starting from self, and of belonging to the social environment and its institutions as a citizen with rights and duties, through marketing and practice of citizenship concepts, community leadership and peace-building with an emphasis on faith in the ability of every initiator to innovate and invest all options to interact with everyone and improve the quality of life, upping the initiative in work, empowerment of achievement and commitment to those values ​​and concepts


we are working to respect the differences that exist in our societies, and the monitoring of richness found in our different local identities, races and religions to formulate such cultural diversity of the country

Part of all

Mobaderoon relies on cooperation with all organizations working in the field of development and participatory process with activists and community development work, personally and institutionally

Theory Of Change

Mobadeeroon’s change theory highlights its work and community intervention methodology , its impact and desired outcomes in society. The theory also forms the basis of responsibility of continuous learning and development services which Mobadeeroon provides the community with

Meet Our Team

our team has more than 10 years of collective experience in promoting women’s rights and peace, training for non-profit  organizations and institutions, and empowering individuals.

Meet Board Member

Abir Haj Ibrahim

She is one of the co-founders of Mobaderoon Network ( a network of 4000 Social activists ) with 6 years experiences in development sector working closely with international NGOs

Ghada Rifai

She is an Architect from Syria who also holds a diploma in Project Management and Urban Planning. She is a co-founder of Mobaderoon network, an active citizen network